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avengers x female reader You . M/n randomly decides to enrol in the Marvel academy in search of something. Centuries being left alone and exploited left Y/n feeling cold hearted and empty. Reader has a really really bad day and comes home crying, doing her best to hide her tears from her girlfriend but Nat finds out anyway? Feb 05, 2020 · A/n: Thank you guys so much for almost 100 hearts!Warning(s): NoneExtra: This is a fact, spiders don’t react well to the smell of citrus fruits like lemon, they also don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oils. On a Morning, in Paris - Natasha x fem!reader. Prompt: The Avengers each have individual interviews (because according to their publicists, it’s good to stay in the world’s good graces, whatever) and each are asked about fighting bad guys, why they’re uniforms look the way they do, to sign fan art, and most importantly, the relationship between Tony and . d. So lets just pretend that the team are still all together and Peter didnt throw away the offer… Wanna be tagged in anything or everything?! Message me and let me know! Masterlist . Keep reading. Masterlist. If the sexuality and/or the gender of the reader isn’t specified it’s neutral in the according fic! Check out last year’s fics here: Pride Month Fics (2018) #1: No Matter What (Avengers x Reader) #2: Two Crushes (Peter P. avengers x reader oneshots completed for now quick a. Who knew a small boi could cause the mass destruction of a certain hero’s in training hearts (And potentially the world). Poor Nat, she just fought to save the world and now she’s fighting off a cold. avengers x male reader soulmate au by emma_barbour 930 17 3 you are a well know fighter with 6 arms and 7 soulmates. Again requested months ago but I didn’t know how to write it until Spiderman came along. Tumblr. h. Avengers x baby reader Oct 11, 2004 · avengers x reader kc wattpad. Never letting you babysit- Scarlett Johansson x gender neutral reader . Jul 16, 2021 · Characters: Peter Parker X Fem!Reader Universe: Marvel, Avengers Warnings: None Request: Can I please have a peter parker x fem!reader where she's a hacker and they're at Stark towers working. a/n: i didn’t realize i had gotten so carried away lmao. (i felt like this word matched very well with this book 😋) just and avengers x reader chatroom/textfic!!! enjoy 😈😈😈 also this is under editing so. Interogation: Avengers x Fem!Reader. Please read below for more information. Originally posted by blackinjustice. Summary: The avengers are making fun of you, asking . The Secret “Part 1 part 2” Avengers x Fem!reader(+) Platonic storySummary- The newest Avenger is keeping a big secret from the rest of the team… “Not my gif*” If anything, it was the fact that the. Browse the marvel comic series avengers: Hey please do my request can i get a platonic reader who is a. Scarlett Johansson x Female Reader. Characters: Peter x Reader. MASTERLIST Reader x Character Fics: Pietro Maximoff: Undressing (full version) I have a theory We Can Work This Thing Out A Penny for your Thoughts The Avengers Faerytale Hate and Something. iron man is a girl various yandere avengers x female . Characters: shapeshifting!Reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Clint Barton, Thor Odinson, Bucky Barnes, James Rhodes, & Pepper Potts. Head over heels - Sebastian stan x fem! Reader. You were waiting for your boyfriend, Peter. Set in Age of Ultron, it started pouring as soon as the Avengers won the battle. This series is on a small hiatus, I want to flesh out the story a . Jul 24, 2021 · eventual wanda x original female character, avengers x ofc (platonic), natasha x ofc (motherly/big sister vibes) overall warnings: angst, eventual smut, fluff. You looked at your dad and gave a slight pout. A/n: Thank you guys so much for almost 100 hearts!Warning(s): NoneExtra: This is a fact, spiders don’t react well to the smell of citrus fruits like lemon, they also don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oils. ) something that is both chaotic and joyful at the same time. Avengers x reader lemon fanfiction. #25: Coming Outs (Avengers x Reader) Twitter Facebook Google+ pride month 2018 pride fic pride prompt avengers x reader avengers imagine avengers loki natasha romanoff wanda maximoff gamora tony stark thor shuri mantis peter parker lgbtq coming out wlw pansexual bisexual trans!peter parker mj fem!reader steve rogers masterlist wokeupinawalnut . Godfather Tony x Child Reader Steve Rogers x Child Reader Clint Barton x Child Reader. After being recruited by the Avengers she felt some pride, finally at home. ramé ㋡ [ rah • may ] -BALINESE (n. Tiene Tumbao - sam x mob!oc!reader . Main Masterlist New Family (Natasha X Romanoff!Reader) A Made Meal (Avengers X Rogers!Reader) Wasting Life (Tony Stark X Stark!Reader) A Better Life (Avengers X Reader) My Father, Steve Rogers (Steve Rogers X Rogers!Reader) Runaway (Avengers X Reader) I Can’t Lose You Too (Steve Rogers X Son!Reader) Something Good (Avengers X Reader, mentioned Wanda X Vision) Tony Forcing the Team to Wear . “Best Friends”. e. Agent L/N, Level 3 clearance—It should've been obvious from the start, she wasn't suitable for the job, but Nick Fury knew what she was capable of, what she could and couldn't handle. Requested By: Anon. Request: Hey, do you think you could write a Bucky x reader based on Ed Sheeran’s song Nancy Mulligan please ? – Sansa x fem!reader. Avengers x Selfharmed!Reader (one-shots) This story is about that Avengers (+ Loki) find that you are doing self harm. Avengers: bury a friend: The Story of Noctua - avengers x . I had fun writing this one though, I hope you like it! Feel free to send me any feed back, I would appreciate it!! NOTES/WARNINGS: Mentions killing people and getting shot. 5k warnings: f-bombs, angst, cheating, crying, really really loving avengers A/N: i wrote. But you fit them all together in the best way I think you could. sul·try ˈsəltrē/ adjective 2. (of a person, especially a woman) attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature. Was chasing “Weapon X” and anything related. Jul 20, 2020 · Auntie June Came Early (Male Avengers X Fem!Reader) Warning: Period time~ Request: … reader is in her days and Nat and Wanda are away, and the male avengers got nuts because they think she might be in a lot of pain and overprotect her and dont let her do anything, not even move, and she complain about the pain just once and they all freak out . You come from a long line of kitsunes, ever since you were born you had been the strongest kitsune ever. That “reader” suffered a lot. Summary: During the Battle of New York the Reader is exposed to alien tech that gives them enhanced abilities. Thor X Reader: Self Conscious Masterlist Request Submit Become A Member Prompt: Reader-chan is self-conscious about dating a God. Pairing(s): 1940s Bucky Barnes x Female Reader. Warnings: Fluff, Flirting, Bucky being a total ladies man. After a few years of hiding their new powers, they start to use them for good. Warnings: Language, mentions/symptoms of . Rainy Day Rituals - sam x fem!reader. I love getting asks! Get popcorn - MCU cast x platonic!teen!reader . S. 8K 21. avengers academy tumblr marvel superheroes marvel. avengers x childreaderhiatus loki x childreader. Volunteer - MCU Cast x platonic!fem!reader. Jason Todd x Reader Word Count. avengers x reader how about dubaiprincessasha on. Fix You - mom!natasha x son/daughter!reader x avengers. You were going to meet the Avengers. S: This one is a little cringe worthy, its got a lot of Pintrest writing dialouge in it so just caution of that! But hope you enjoy! Warnings: Knife, Blood (kinda), cringe…. Such Children- MCU cast x teen!reader ( part 2 for . mother reader Avengers natasha romanoff tony stark tony stank avengers x fem!reader Avengers x mother reader steve x natasha suspicious suspicious Natasha babysitter the avengers s. see full A/N on the end. I settled onto the couch, in my plush baby blue PJ pants and an oversized sweater, and my wet hair still dripping onto my shoulder. Pairing: avengers x reader. Sparring. – Sansa x fem!reader. I love writing so I hope I do a good job. I’m Not a Kid (avengers x reader) Warnings: some taunting, drinking. True forms: Loki x fem!reader by Anna Watson. A First - sam x poc!reader. Badass - Avengers x Reader. But that all goes to hell when a tragedy happens and she discovers she's not ordinary at all. if you don't like, please don't read. Summary : Reader had an extremely hard life and is in love with Logan…but he’s afraid that he might get her hurt and tries to break things off. Jun 14, 2019 · Okay to Cry (Natasha Romanoff x female reader) Originally posted by misswhovian101. We’ll Stand By You (Sebastian Stan x Chris Evans x Teen!Fem!Reader) avengers cast sebastian stan anthony mackie Scarlett Johansson chris evans robert downey jr mark ruffalo brie larson elizabeth olsen avengers cast masterlist afictionaladventure16 afictionaladventure16 masterlists. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- READER’S POV: “Y/n!” Ned comes rushing over to where you were standing. ☆All Of My Works☆ “ This is where you can find all of my imagines and updates! Wattpad // Avengers x Reader Stories: Profile: Lexia-Stark ” • Avengers x Reader • Avengers x Reader BOOK 2 • Avengers x. Being the youngest member of the Justice League and being a wearwolf. l. Marvel Cast x reader : Send me requests and Prompts for this. – The Singer: – Robb Stark x Reader. Oh yes! The bloody sexy Avengers! You were such a fan of them a few years back, even getting the comic books which you still kept. You were running away from some people who were after you, you felt your eyes become a bright fiery orange color you were ready to fight if you had to. 381 notes. chapter warnings: violence, little bit of anxiety. (a/n: it's an avenger's story, but the ship is steve x reader bc why not) #avengers x teen!oc #avengers x teen reader #avengers #tony stark #steve rogers #bucky barnes #pietro maximoff #wanda maximoff #vision #bruce banner #clint barton #sam wilson #OC #natasha romanoff #avengers fanfiction #invisible #avenger x reader #avengers x fem!reader #avengers x fem!OC … See all Hey! Can I request a avengers x fem!teen!reader in which she has a father daughter dance at school and she’s sad about it cause her parents died so then all the guys from the team kinda surprise her at the father daughter dance. i. Boxing day. . translations are from google translate, so they may not be very accurate. This may be sensitive to some people. But one day, the reader comes back. 15112020 Read Justice League x Reader x Avengers from the story DC Comics Imagines 2 by batmanwife13 Karrington Jones with 1997 reads. Implies the loss of a parent. posted by rejectedmarvel February 20th 51 notes. I was wondering, if you have time, writing a fanfic with the reader (15)? Blessed | Avengers x Reader based off of: i saw something about cheating and this came out of that words: 1. but when you find them they are the worlds mighty heroes. "But dad, this is my first day being a agent and I also get to meet the Avengers, how can I not be shy~?" A Better Day (Avengers x 15 Years Old Reader) Warnings: Death Ft: N/A Request: “Hello there! Hope you are doing well :-). Pairings: all are platonic. Pride Month Fics (2019) Jun 10, 2019. Reader is a wolf shape-shifter from a powerful royal house that has helped the Starks for centuries. I don’t even know why. fantasy imagines single mother platonic platonic avengers mcufam marvel fem!reader son surprise Hydra hail hydra movies reader insert fanfic civil war . Warnings: Self-loathing, swearing. (Y/n)(l/n) was an ordinary person who just wanted to get her and her brother away. Originally posted by angelwing430 Jan 19, 2016 · Avengers/ X-men x reader Well this is my first imagine, I will start taking requests for the following however they maybe slightly late because I am currently studying for A-levels. § Torrential Downpour. avengers x reader chatroom all over the place owlie. Description: Can you do a Peter x reader where the reader is peters Best friend and she is sick of him always talking about Liz so she starts to ignore him? Could you make it angsty please? Thanks!! (requested by anon) Word Count: 1,757. Aug 04, 2016 · Bonus: Dumb and Dumber {Avengers x Fem!Reader} ~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger. Yandere Marvel x Reader | this is a yandere reverse harem x reader, but because I'm obsessed with Marvel I made it in the MCU. When Logan first met you, he was chasing his past. Daily Avengers (Discontinued) Masterlist. R has a self-mutilation secret. X Reader Male Reader Various X Reader Haikyuu Shiratorizawa Ushijima Tendou Marvel Crossover Bnha Au Sweetie Die. Summary: Bruce and his wife finally go out for a well deserved date, leaving Tony, Steve and Clint to care for their baby. Come join your journey on becoming an assistant to the Avengers. Scarlett comes home and is most definitely getting sick. They fell in love at first sight, but couldn’t be married. #marvel #marvel cinematic universe #avengers x reader #Avengers #Marvel Comics #masked masterlist #masked #daily avengers #recon three rejectedmarvel #rejectedmarvel #masterlist #marvel imagine #marvel fanfiction. Feb 05, 2020 · A/n: Thank you guys so much for almost 100 hearts!Warning(s): NoneExtra: This is a fact, spiders don’t react well to the smell of citrus fruits like lemon, they also don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oils. theonceandfuturewarlock liked this. x Genderfluid!Reader) #3: About Time (Stucky) #4: One Bisexual to . Phoenix - Avengers X Reader(F) Ugh this took forever to get out. . I’m not gonna lie guys, I just rewatched Ice Age and I wanted to recreate the scene. imagine this. Soon enough they draw the attention of the Avengers and certain Spiderling. Platonic friendships will be created and destroyed all through your decisions. Now Sansa is to marry Ramsay Bolton. daydreaming - sam x poc!reader(fem) Natasha Romanoff: Girl - Natasha x reader. Warnings : Physical abuse, torture and stuffs. net Characters: Avengers X ReaderUniverse: Marvel, AvengersTRIGGER WARNING: Depression and self-mutilation mentionRequest: Avengers x reader the R is very happy to a point where they are the happiest person in the Avengers, but the R is secretly confused, they never show it. Avengers X Littlespace Reader - Avengers X Reader One-Shots - Memories (Bucky X Female . Hi!! Can I please make a request? Natasha romanoff and reader? Established relationship. 173K 5. avengers x female reader

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